Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chek Jawa II: Spicy Red Ants, Chocolate Truffle Rocks and Spiders of the Same Age.

we left off with me ranting at in-discriminant rubbish throwers. okay i got my head back and i'll now introduce you to some of the inhabitants of Chek Jawa.

things you never thought existed...

Organisms found at the Intertidal area (sand banks)

The Nudibranch - which is commonly known as a sea slug (but note: sea slugs aren't necessarily nudibranches). We were REALLY REALLY lucky to see this Nudibranch, as they usually dont appear much in these shores, the guide claims it mating season.


Backside (HAHA):Next, the Common Crab: im sorry, as im not a marine biologist, i have no idea what this species is. if any one do, pls let me know! (: its cute anyways HAHA

This is the Fire Worm. This is something you dont want to touch, apparently the fine bristles on it will attach itself into(or shd i say POKE) your skin, and even the doctor wldnt be able to remove it. Thus, you'll have to live with the pain till your body finds a way to push it out!!!!!!

scary!! and here i thought it looked so friendly and yummy.

A Sand Dollar it is related to the Sea Stars and Sea Urchin, a rather common feature in the intertidal area, only it is usually buried beneath the sand.

Front: (This poor sand dollargot a part chipped off!)

Back (note the sea star like formation):

This is the Toadfish or a scorpion fish (Which the guide claims it to be). But upon goggling it looks more like a Toadfish.

anyways, sorry for the lousy photo, but its too dangerous to get it out of the box.

This is a Noble Volute part of the snail family (Info: we can tell that the snail is still alive because its 'foot' is still in place i.e. the area with orange spots

After the snail dies, a Hermit Crab will take over the empty shell. (

Like this:

so next time when you see a nice pretty and empty shell by the sea, do not pick it up! let the Hermit have a home!

And there is also the Moon Snail... which i suspect is something that ive eaten in China, seriously. Anyways, see that "wall" around the shell? ITS REALLY THE EGGS!

The Moon snail is damn smart.. it camouflages using the eggs, as a Stingray in the half buried sand. i.e IT PRETENDS TO BE A STINGRAY.SERIOUSLY. (for more info:


it is HUGE. and it looks like a piece of star shaped bread with chocolate chips (:

And there is the Biscuit Sea Star:

you can see the little suctions on its limbs, they are actually moving rather rapidly.

Here comes the Sea Cucumbers!

#1 Ball Cucumber (for more info:

#2 Thorny Sea Cucumber

#3 ... SEA CUCUMBER. im sad to say i didnt catch the name of this humongous thingie. maybe i was too busy gawking at it.PLEASE HELP HERE!


Back (its really cute and squishy. it take the shape of one's palm after holding it):

moving away from the cucumbers, here we have the Sea Hare, which is another type of sea slug. more info at:

this thing is seriously squishy:

a sea hare in the water, can you spot it?

And there is the Fiddler Crab!i heard the name came about because of the Male's huge left/right arms. For more info:

the males are kinda chauvinistic if you ask me. they literally SHOVE their favored mates into holes in the sand. the poor girls.

Female (really tiny compared to the males):
are you now amazed that all these actually exist in Singapore? never thought about it did you. HAHAHA. some of it can be found on the mainland too, if you know where to look (: i will be looking! keep an eye out for them yeah?

Love, serene!


  1. Halo,

    nice post you have there. :o)

    just a note, the Moonsnail does not camouflage using its eggs.

    the common crab looks like a Sand Bubble crab. See Link:

    The big Sea Cucumber is called Sandfish Sea Cucumber or Garlic bread Sea Cucumber by the guides. See Link :

    The 1st Thorny Sea Cucumber is not a Thorny Sea Cucumber. We don't know its ID yet.

    Hope these help! :o)

  2. Hello! thanks so so much (:

    i'll update the post!

    about the Moonsnail camouflaging using its eggs, we were told abt it by the guide. hmm i'll try searching more abt it.
    thanks for reading!