Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Xiao Gui Lin II: Some random finds and photos

Quite a few of my friends told me that they didnt know about Xiao Guilin till they saw the blog entry. so i thought maybe i should put up more pictures of this awesome granite quarry (ex-quarry?). here are some random pictures i took:

I love the innocence of this picture. it kinda reminds me of the stories my dad used to tell me about his childhood - catching spiders and fishing. It says nothing of the fast-living urban life that many of us lead.

We also saw several small figures of a Hindu God on the Granite hill that we climbed. after showing Vithya the pictures, she told me this is Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. she reckons that there are two reasons why the figures are here. Firstly, someone may think that this spot is Holy, thus, he/she placed the figures here to 'guard' the place. Second reason is more practical. the person wanted to get rid of the figures, but he/she did not want to chuck it in the trash. thus, placed Ganesha at this scenic spot. So if you see them, dont freak out.

the diverse types of joints found at Xiao Gui Lin. you can see the vertical and horizontal joints (straight lines on the rock),intersecting to form Cuboidal Joints - making the rock out to be kinda like a cube.

The granite... intrusion, hill, ex-quarry whatever, from another point of view. i love it i love it i love it I LOVE IT.

i think these are mint plants (Mentha), they smell like the mint veggie thing my grandma puts in our Hakka dish Lei Cha. i never knew they are so pretty! and they really florish in rocky environments. im quite apprehensive when it comes to putting up pictures of plants and/or animals.. as im not a biologist/ecologist, im not good at identifying them. so if you can, pls leave a
comment (: thanks.

OMG. OKAY CORRECTION: this is NOT MINT. i received an email from Chen Ko. apparently this is Lantana camara. it is one of the top ten MOST TOXIC WEEDS found, so please DO NOT TRY IT. it smells like mint, BUT IT ISNT MINT. omg i am damn cainiao. thanks chenko!!!

Sab gave me this awesome paper bag right before my trip to Xiao Gui Lin. awesome isnt it?!


A really beautiful contrast. (:

love, serene!

Thanks to mr chongserchung for teaching me how to spell 'Scenic' HAHAHAHA.

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