Friday, May 8, 2009

Greetings and ....

HAHAHAHA did i catch your attention there?

this is our friend, Mus, standing under an UPROOTED tree which we stumbled upon at Hillview Gardens, Jalan Dermawan. Yes.. IN SINGAPORE.

to give you an idea how big that tree is, here is another scale of comparison:

see, im at the top right hand corner, apparently scratching my head while the guys risk their lives over the fence taking pictures and studying the poor tree and its surrounding soil.

so a couple of "geographical questions":

1) why did the tree fall?
- the tree fell at the wake of the March 18th strong winds
- Note that the root network is rather shallow for such a big tree, resulting in weak anchorage to the soils

2) what does this say about THE SOIL
- the soil may appear to be loose and unconsolidated at the upper zones, but it is really compacted at the lower horizons, thus, roots arent able to "grow deeper" into it

(Im sure it wouldnt be pleasant for home owners in hillview to wake up under a bunch of stem and leaves)

Hence, as we run through our daily lives, geographical processes are actually taking place right under our noses - things that have gone unnoticed, like soil compaction, landslides (for example this awesome landslide at hillview in 2007),

river floods and changes in the water quality of our water bodies etc etc..

we will be talking abt the water environment, the "inland" processes (a more chim term = terrestrial processes), the marine and coastal environment...

and also everyone's current FAVOURITE topic climate change. (urgh)

Even more pressing, are some issues about our natural heritage.

The coral reefs (yes, we have them!) mangroves, and our secondary forests are under constant threats due to land reclamation, river channelization and urban developments (im no tree hugger, but you'll see). And this blog will too, draw your attention to our natural heritage, or at least, whats left of it.

We hope that through this, you wouldnt be running through life, but geoging through it.

open your magic eyes! (:

how did a puddle of water get there?

Love, serene!
to thank some people:
-Miss Karin Chai the creative genius for this awesome name "you run, we geog"
-Mr Mustafa for being the ruler
-Animefreakz for brilliantly capturing the frightfully awesome hillview landslide
- Mr Chong Ser Chung for the absolutely brilliant tagline "geography where you think it doesnt exist".

P.S Serene is a bad speller/grammar person, her posts will usually contain some spelling and/or grammatical errors.

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