Saturday, May 23, 2009

meatball marinanara...The Marina Barrage II

Call me a nerd. But i went back to the Barrage again today! what a greeaat way to spend my saturday ((:

remember i was going on and on about littering and peeing in drains. well, this was what i saw today:

it saddens me to see this. granted, its on the sea-ward side of the Barrage. But i spotted bits of random rubbish floating arnd the fresh water side too.

many people complain about the lack of beaches in singapore, but honestly, with rubbish like that, thank god theres no proper, hawaiianish beaches.

anyways just a picture to prove my point about the tidal protection that the barrage offers:

lovely picture, taken by Ser Chung. notice:

1)the friendly lightning warning guy,

and most importantly,

2) the difference in water level on each side of the barrage. The seaward side (thats on the right of your screen) is notibly higher during high-tide.

you may ask what that "barrier" in front of the barrage is for, it is really to protect the Barrage from ships which may lose control and crash into the barrage (what are the odds?).

3) the seaward side is lighter in color (something to do with the minerals?) and also more choppy and wavy as it sees more sea traffic and wave actions.

i was a little disappointed today, cos i wanted to cross the bridge to the other side of marina. and follow the path and see where that leads.. but there was lightning! i'll do it the next time. another post den (:

stay tuned for next week! i'll be going to Chek Jawa intertidal walk with Karin and Willis. will bring back loads of photos to share!

for e.g. if we are lucky:
(i think this is a coral)

(and this is a stingray)

Kevin Lim, Tan Heok Hui and N. Sivasothi


special thanks to serchung for spending his precious saturday listening to me whine over every single piece of rubbish that i saw.

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