Friday, May 22, 2009

Some pretty cool sculptures at the Marina Barrage

Jiayi and I were fascinated by these 2 metallic things sitting in the mid-day sun at the Barrage.

At first we thought its one of those avant-garde (is that how you spell it?) shit that the govt likes to put arnd, you know so we can be cool like France:

But on a closer look, this is actually a sculpture that makes perfect sense!

its titled: "what goes around comes around". That circular thingie is actually that guy's finger - what you do to Earth, will eventually come back and smack you in the butt. you cant get away from it.

say, if you buybuybuy loads of things now (like me), and as a result produce a lot of rubbish and pollution (aiya its the process of making the things you buy, you get the point) which will eventually kill you or your sons/daughters/granddaughters etc off. i know its warp, but it makes sense.

sculpture number 2:


ah okay, here is #2.

This is... "Mother nature's fury"

as we see, man(represented by the woman in this sculpture) tries to control and tame nature in various ways. We modify slopes at bukit batok, we channelise the Singapore river etc etc.

However, what we need to recognise is that, very often, Mother Nature still exerts control over us - landslides, floods, volcano eruption (oh i can go on and on abt volcanoes), earthquakes. its about time that we respect Mother Nature, before we spin things out of control.

okay i hereby pledge to control my implusive consumption. what about you?

Love, Serene!
btw, if you look closely, you can see jiayi and i in the picture P.S Jiayi, the sociologist-to-be, askedan interesting qn: Why is a WOMAN used in #2? can anyone answer that HAHAHAHA

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