Thursday, May 21, 2009

meatball marinanara...The Marina Barrage I

I think LKY is a prophet.

"In 20 years, it is possible that there could be breakthroughs in technology- both anti-pollution and filtration. Then, we can dam up the mouth of the Marina, the neck which joins the sea. And we'll have a huge fresh water lake."

Lee Kuan Yew, 1987.

and here we have it! 22 years later,

the dam (or Barrage) and..

the promised Fresh water lake.

well, he IS the sandwich maker.

so what is this Barrage SUPPOSED to do:

1) Prevent flooding of the low-lying coastal areas - it acts as a barrier to keep out high tides, and also flushes out excess water during heavy rains

to give you an idea abt FLOODING in sg.. heres orchard rd , in front of Shaw in 1982 (HAHAHA im not born yet)

(i koped this off flickr, credits: Wonderlust676 (hmm) photo collection)

2) Adding on to the reservoir collection in Singapore -the number 15th reservoir.


there are some issues of concern.

- is the reservoir too deep? its nearly 100M deep (is it? correct me if im wrong here)

Jiayi said, "okay maybe its shallower at the inner parts"

i sure do hope so. the average depth of our reservoirs are.. 18m to 25m deep. Shallow reservoirs ensure even distribution of sediments and nutrients (okay fine, pollutants, we geographers like to be objective) in the water, making the water body treat-able for consumption. 100 M is really too deep!

PLUS! it is important to control the water quality of the lake... the worst case senario would be this:

okay i know it doesnt look that bad here. nice green things floating on the water, adds to the aesthetics right? but the nice green things are really algae, which proliferates when the water gets too "nutritious" (okay, polluted).

it will stink up the whole city.. not too pleasant people working/staying near marina eh? neither do we want to be remembered as "Green Sludge City".

so hopefully, PUB pays attention to this.

you too! HAHA think before you throw rubbish or pee into drains, you are really adding to the:" "nutrients level" which little by little, will flow to the various reservoirs/waterways. and in 50 years time.. ah i do not want to think about it.


(to be continued)

Love, Serene!
____________________________________________________________________ Special thanks to: Ms Lim Jiayi, for accompanying me to the Barrage. Im still pissed that im the only one sunburnt!

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